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The Kiawah Jacket

The Kiawah Jacket

by Kristyn

When I was in 7th grade, my brother (who is a much better golfer than me) was a freshman in high school and really starting his golf career. We grew up in a small northern Indiana town with not a big golf community, but that didn't stop my parents from teaching us the sport and traveling to see and play different courses. When we went to these places, I loved to shop. I loved looking at the logo design, the way it was all merchandised, and that packaging that went with it. The only problem was, there was never anything for me to buy. It was all made for the enourmous population of middle aged men playing these courses.

That 7th grade year we went to Kiawah Island, South Carolina to play The Ocean Course on fall break. Since this was before social media, and I'm guessing the only reason my parents even knew about it was from The Ocean Course hosting the 1991 Ryder Cup. Upon arrival, I began sketching my first name with the flourished K used in their logo. 

Look how that flourished K connects to the H!

Wearing my men's Tommy Hilfiger khaki shorts (I told you women's golf clothes didnt exist, let alone girls golf clothes), I was so excited to get to the pro shop to look around. Do you know what I bought? A men's jacket. It was a size medium and it was the closest thing I could find that remotely fit. I just wonder what my mom was thinking as she bought the men's jacket for her 13 year old daughter. I have kept it all these years because I wanted to remember the occasion and it felt like a special purchase. There is a photo of me on the 18th green wearing it with winds whipping off of the ocean at what looks like 40 mph. 

The men's jacket my mom bought for me when I was 13, and the quarter zip I bought for myself in 2020. Much better!

I went back to Kiawah with my family in 2020. Thankfully, the golf and tennis industry has made great strides in expanding their merchandise to accommodate women playing the sport. They even had really nice kid's logo t-shirts we bought for our boys. However, women's apparel and accessories still only make up maybe 10% of the merchandise sold in both tennis and golf pro shops. 

Starting Baseline Social with Katy and Rodie wasn't just a pipe dream that came about in one conversation, it is something I've seen a need for since I was 13. We're excited to bring excitement, fashion and quality products to our corner of the world for the increasing population of women playing social sports. 

See you on the first tee,


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